How to watch Netflix from abroad?

Netflix is the fan favorite online TV in the United States. Offering thousands of TV shows and movies, it has quickly become the number one choice of thousands of people. However, once you find yourself in a different country other than the US, the services of Netflix will no longer be accessible to you and an error message will appear. How to avoid this message and still enjoy everything Netflix offers? It’s simple!


Netflix is recognizing your location by checking your computer‘s IP address. WatchingTVabroad uses a US located VPN servers and with their help, we are able to give you a new US IP address, which will again enable Netflix streaming to you. With an active account and paid subscription you can then enjoy everything Netflix offers plus much more, whether you are on a vacation, business trip or doing anything else wherever you are.

And it doesn’t end with Netflix! Your US IP address provides you with an access to plenty of other US streaming websites such as CBS or HULU.

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