How to Watch NBC from abroad

Another well-known US TV channel with huge following is NBC. Offering a big variety of programs and series, it has established itself as one of the most preferred TVs in the US. It is producing such shows like Late Night: Fallon or the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. However, if you want to watch these and other shows online using the NBC website, it will show you an error message as shown below. So, what to do, when you are outside the US and still want to watch your favorite show online? Continue reading, it’s easy!


The error message you are encountering appears because the website recognizes, that you are not currently located in the US. This can be avoided with the help of the US IP address. Once you leave US, your PC‘s IP address changes automatically and it then causes the online player to stop working. However, we are able to assign you a new US IP address using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) servers placed in the US. The process of giving you a new IP is very easy and fast and we will get you ready to watch the online streaming in just a few moments.

Additionally, you don’t have to watch only NBC. With your new IP, online streaming of channels like CBS or FOX will also become accessible.

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