How to watch Hulu from abroad?

HULU is quickly emerging into the limelight of US online TVs. It offers hundreds of movies, TV series and TV shows. But, if you are travelling abroad outside of the United States and you want to connect to the HULU website and watch your favorite TV show, it will not allow you to stream the video because of the location restrictions. But, with watching TV abroad, finding the solution is not only quick, but also safe.


To use the HULU online player, you will first need to create an account and pay a subscription fee. Second step is getting a US IP address. The IP address in this case serves as a location marker that tells the HULU website what country you are currently in. Once you leave the US, it will change and HULU won’t be available to you anymore. WatchingTVabroad solves this problem by providing you with the IP address that matches the US location. This is done with the help of our Virtual Private Network servers (VPN) based in the United States. After you receive your US IP from us, you will be ready to enjoy your favorite TV shows wherever you are in the world.

And as if that wasn’t enough, other US online streams will also become accessible to you with the US IP address. These are for example FOX or CBS.

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