How to Watch Channel 4 outside UK

The 4oD network (Channel 4) has a wide variety of interesting programs to choose from: Channel 4, 4Seven, Film4 and many more. However, being in a country other than UK will make their online streaming unavailable. To resolve this problem, watchingTVabroad offers a quick and easy solution.


We will assign a new IP address to your PC with the help of our UK Virtual Private Network (VPN) servers. The 4oD network’s website will then act as if you were still in the UK, and therefore you will get to watch all of the network’s channels. Two last minor changes that you will need to do are: switching the Windows/iMac time zone to London in your machine’s time/date settings and disabling your web-browser add-ons. Then, there will be nothing that could stop you from easily watching TV abroad on your business trip or vacation.

With the new IP, other TV streams like BBC iPlayer or Demand5 will also become available to you.

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